5 Tips to Look Attractive in a Slim Fit Shirt

5 Tips to Look Attractive in a Slim Fit Shirt


Do you hate wearing formally? Is it because it’s tight around the edges, feeling congested, or perhaps not quite stylish as you’d expect to pull off? Well, here are some tips to make your life easier, to pull off one of the sleekest and trendy outfits of the 21st century.

Color and contrast: You are what you wear.

Color coordination is very important. There are many orientations and styles that do and do not pair well with a person’s complexion or hair color. Generally, bright hair color can accommodate both high contrasting (black and white) and low contrasting (blue, pink, green) colors. Individuals with darker hair is more suited to normal colors (red, blue, black). However, a slim fit white shirt will do anyone just as good. With celebrities pulling off odd matching colors, it’d become a trend. It’s important to be confident and comfortable with your color choices, rather than succumbing to societal pressure. If you like it, wear it with confidence.

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Tucked or untucked: 2-in-1 Package

Tucked and untucked makes a worldly difference in appearances. Slim fit shirts offer the ability to switch between formal and casual in an instant. It’s important to know where and whom you’re with when you’re dressed in such away. A tucked extra slim fit dress shirt gives you a more formal vibe and appeals to adults more often. Untucked, it is still stylish to wear outside or pairing it with casual jeans and sneakers. Take note that this will also affect measurements for midsection in the next tip below.

 Body Frame: Getting it just right

Selecting an extra slim, slim or a normal dress shirt is rather specific to each individual. It’s a balance between comfort and finding the right length and width of each section. While you do not need to concern yourself with the collar, make sure you can button up anytime with choking. Chests are usually much more constricted, giving you a more solid shape. The midsections are the most important section as it goes hand-in-hand with tucking your shirt. Tucking needs a tighter chest region and closer midsection such as an extra slim fit dress shirt. Untucked slim fit dress shirt would require wider midsection matching the chest. As for the shoulders and arms, it is all about the appropriate width that does not affect both the joints. Your shoulder and elbow should not feel strained when moving about.

Tie or no tie: A constant battle.

 It’s been a long debate on whether ties look much better. If you’re looking to replace the sweaty and hot inducing blazer, a simple tie will do the trick. If you’re feeling a little fun, bowties are a cool alternative. Fret not, former President Obama has been seen rocking the no-tie style for years, and he is every bit the sophisticated individual we still look up to. It all comes down to personal preference. If you’re looking to impress someone or leaving work, then it’s a simple knot or pulls away.

Accessories: It’s all in the details.

For some individuals, a slim fit dress shirt may seem rather naked. There are a ton of accessories you can put to keep your anxiety at rest. Many male adults enjoy keeping one or two cufflinks in their possession. Tie clips are also handy to keep it from swinging about. It’s small yet highly noticeable. Otherwise, adding a pen(s) to your pocket is both useful and stylish.

If you still feel that it is rather tedious to go through the effort, well don’t. If you can afford it, you can go for a personal tailor who will measure every length, width, and diameter of your body to make sure that you get the perfect fit. Smart telephone applications are also all the rage nowadays, you can download an app that utilizes your height and weight to customize a personalized version for you. These apps are claiming to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) paired with 3D-modelling systems. All packed into your phone, how neat is that?