918kiss, the Grand prize strategy you must know in 2020

Playing at online casinos like 918Kiss is a fun and convenient way to spend your leisure time. The experience is even much better when you win more often than you lose. Many gamblers (including experienced ones) still struggle with finding a strategy they can use to win consistently while playing at online casinos. Winning at online casinos requires both having the right strategy and also some degree of luck.


918kiss grand prize
918kiss grand prize

Since you don’t have control over luck, your entire focus should be put on developing a winning strategy that will enable you to get payouts more often than losses. I have written this article specifically for people who want to build a strategy that will get them better results while playing at online casinos. This is the 5 points winning strategy that has been proved by several online gamblers if used correctly.

1. Put emotions aside

Studies show that one of the major causes of people losing money at casinos is involving emotions while playing. Emotions like anger when you lose and fear of taking bigger risks when you see the opportunity are the commonest among many gamblers. Not involving emotions while gambling is not easy to do since emotions are part of human behavior. However, if you want to win in the long term, you have to train yourself not to involve emotions while gambling.

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2. Choose games that are appropriate for you

Another important thing you need to note is that playing too many different games will make you a master of none. As a gambler, choose a few games and always aim at regularly improving your skill at playing them. If you are new to gambling, you may start by playing free versions of the games until you zero on those you really enjoy playing.

3. Play maximum pay lines at slot games

Most of the new players are always tempted to play fewer pay lines while playing slot games because they need a relatively smaller bet. But what I need to tell you today is that the fewer the pay lines you play, the lesser your chances of winning. If you want to win more often, always play maximum pay lines.

4. Start using the 17 seconds rule while playing slot games

The 17-seconds rule simply means putting a gap of 17 seconds between your spins. There is no scientific proof of this method but several gamblers have testified about being more successful while using this formula. Try it out the next time you play slot games and see how it works out for you. You can time these seconds either using your watch or your smartphone

5. Have a bankroll

A bankroll is simply an amount of money you put aside to be used for gambling for a specific period. For instance, you can decide to put aside $300 per month for your gambling activities. The importance of this strategy is realized in the long run. With a bankroll, you will know the maximum amount of money you have to use for gambling each day hence avoiding scenarios of betting every penny you have especially on days when you’re on a losing streak.