Identifying Types Of Makeup Artist in Malaysia

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Updated 2019.

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Before you gets all excited over your big event whether it’s your wedding, corporate events or family photoshoots, you need to first understand what types of makeup artist in Malaysia and what are their specialty.

Makeup artist that specialised in Indian bridal is totally different than makeup artist that focus on Malay wedding. From the techniques , products and taste its totally different across each other.

While makeup artist that focused on corporate event , takes a totally different skill sets.

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To understand these better, we have define their approach as below.

Chinese bridal makeup

Chinese bridal makeup is focus on simplicity tone. Nothing too contrast and heavy makeup, as Chinese bridal tend to prefer simple makeup but elegant. Most makeup artist that focus on chinese bridal will always look for inspiration from Korea / Japan.

Indian bridal makeup

While Indian brides prefer more colorful makeup as their ceremony are always filled with colorful themes from their dress to accessories, Indian makeup tend to be more contrast and it takes totally a different specialisation in this niche.

Malay bridal makeup

The Malay makeup is slightly more complicated. For example, the preferences for Malay makeup in Indonesia is so much more thicker and they prefer barbie-styled makeup, while in Malaysia the Malay bridal are more natural , simple and most importantly they believe in simple makeup that are able to uncover the face feature and embrace natural beauty. However, it’s really important to make sure your makeup artist being able to understand what you really want before having them to makeup for you.