The Origin Of Latex Mattress

The Origin Of Latex Mattress

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Latex Mattresses were introduced in the early twentieth century and were discovered by Dunlopillo. But their usage and recognition have not faded until the current date. Their potential benefits have increased their sales and latex mattress factories have maximized their production. A latex mattress provides you a cozy place to sleep by combining the latex foam and springs together. Also, latex mattresses are sometimes formed by uniting reflex foam and latex foam. Latex is not a synthetic material; it comes from natural resources. Some other natural substances are used to make this foam.

Hevea Brasiliensis:

The tree which forms the basis of latex is Hevea Brasiliensis, which is a rubber tree. A latex mattress is formed from the sap or milk of this tree. This tree has such a texture which can be the origin of many other things other than latex mattresses. Natural rubber serves for making balloons, belts, gloves, etc. This tree was first found out by the Frenchs when they grouped up as a team and went to South America. There are certain climatic conditions needed for this tree to grow adequately. This includes ample rainfall, high temperatures and a greater degree of moisture in the air. Hevea trees have a tendency to grow only on the equator or on north or south up to ten degrees. Currently, most of the latex from all of the world come from Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. Latex mattress factories have boosted in these areas.

Latex Mattress:

Latex had multiple used until the 1900s, due to its incredible properties and by-products. Portable bathtubs, boots, and mailbags were often produced by using latex. In the early twentieth century, the idea of using latex as a mattress came into being. Murphy is known as one of the personalities who laid foundations of the latex mattress. Dunlop company was later made a Natural latex company for which Murphy worked for. With years of struggle and research, latex mattresses were finally manufactured. Dunlop and Talalay processes are used by the natural latex companies today for making latex.

The Kitchen Cake Mixer:

We often use cake mixers to make batters of cake. This appliance was used by Murphy ingeniously and he didn’t use this mixer to prepare the cake. instead, he mixed latex in it. This creativity of Murphy was not initially appreciated by his mates. Their perception about it later changed when they saw the conversion of latex into the mattress. With the invention of this product, seat cushions for the automobile were later made out of it. By 1931, the first latex mattress had been manufactured by the natural latex company. One of the benefits of latex mattress as it is not supposed to be flipped.


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