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Red Ice Videos Banned From YouTube
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Red Ice Videos Banned From YouTube

By Henrik Palmgren |
Updated October 18, 2019

Red Ice TV was banned from YouTube October 17, 2019. We had a backup channel as well that was deleted about a week later. Right now you can watch our shows and videos here on and also our members website, make sure that you subscribe to our Bitchute channel and to or

Also make sure you follow us on, and as we'll stream shows to all of these places. You can find all our vital links at

There is also a full backup of what was on our main YouTube channel at

Below is a partial list of some of the shorter videos that were banned by YouTube before they axed our entire channel. 

Go Back To Europe
Lana responds to anti-Whites who tell White Americans to "go back to Europe," but would they be allowed in? First published: Jun 16, 2017


Why I Don't Want To Become a Minority
Every White country is being forced to “diversify” by importing millions of non-Europeans into their nation. Lana tells why she doesn't want to become a White minority. First published: Jun 2, 2017


The War on Whites is Real
If there was ever any doubt as to the true intentions of the endless waves of migration, let it be heard from the people who have been promoting it. The war on Whites is real. Get engaged, get involved. First published: July 16, 2017


"Diversity" Is a Weapon Against White People
Lana explains how "diversity" is being used as a weapon against White people. First published: Jul 30, 2017


White DNA Is An "Abomination"
A Texas university newspaper published an incredibly anti-White column claiming that the world would be liberated if White people died off. First published: Dec 12, 2017


Outlawing White Neighborhoods & Freedom Of Association
Lana talks about the taboo subject of freedom of association and the right of exclusion as a way to avoid conflict in diverse America. First Published: May 16, 2018


Why Interracial Relationships Are Pushed On White Women
Lana tells the motive behind the promotion of interracial relationships to White people. First Published: Jun 11, 2018


They Want You Dead White Man!
Anti straight White male hatred will backfire and be used as a catalyst for greatness. First Published: Jul 1, 2018


What It Means To Be Pro-European
Lana shares her opinion on what it means to be pro-European. First Published: Mar 22, 2018


Somalis In Minnesota Steal Millions In Welfare Scam, Money Goes To Terrorists
Henrik talks about the massive daycare welfare scam that Somalis have been running in Minnesota in order to funnel millions of dollars to Islamic jihadist group al-Shabaab. First Published: May 28, 2018


Dalai Lama Says Europe For Europeans
The Dalai Lama stated the obvious about mass immigration into Europe, leaving leftists dumbfounded. It's not the first time either. First Published: Sep 13, 2018


Israeli Ngo Helping Migrant Boats Reach Europe's Shores, Instructs Them Where To Go
Henrik & Lana expose IsraAID, an Israeli NGO that is helping migrant boats reach Europe's shores by waving them in and giving them instructions on where to go. Meanwhile, Israel itself has the lowest refugee ...  First Published: Sep 22, 2016


Beige Power: Canadian State Sponsored Race Mixing Aimed At The Altright
From Canada, a tax payer funded propaganda music video aimed at the Alt-Right, claiming that our non-White future is inevitable. The rap video is so ridiculous that it's actually a great recruitment video for the ... First Published: Dec 4, 2016


Oprah #MeToo #TimesUp Movement Ignores "Migrant" Gang Rapists Who Walk Free
Lana comments on the hypocrisy and blatant anti-White male agenda behind the Me Too movement and addresses Oprah's "Time's Up" (on White men) speech at the Golden Globes. First Published: Jan 16, 2018


The Final Solution To White People
This is an excerpt from the second episode of “Weekend Warrior,” a live show exclusively for Red Ice members. Henrik & Lana discuss the genocidal comments casually made on Anthony Bourdain's show, Parts Unkno... First Published: Jun 13, 2016


"Ethno-states Will Never Work"
Lana refutes the claim that a White "ethno-state" would lead to "evil." First Published: Aug 18, 2018

These videos are all listed in a playlist on bitchute.


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